Chad Ochocinco, Wide Receiver of the New England Patriots

Posted: July 28, 2011 by admin54321 in News, Trades
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I bet you could have never predicted that Albert Haynesworth and Chad Ochocinco would be teammates on the Patriots this year.

In a shocking trade, the Patriots acquired outspoken WR Chad Ochocinco from the Bengals for two late draft picks. The Patriots also re-signed him to a 3 year deal.

Now normally I would not question Bill Bellichick. He did the same thing with Randy Moss and that situation turned out great so he typically knows what he is doing. However, Ochocinco has a very different personality than Randy Moss. Many of the stunts Ochocinco likes to do (see: bull riding, racing, soccer…) most likely will not fly under Bellichick. I am not so sure that Ochocinco can surpress this. It’s who he is, he can’t turn it off.

The one part that does make sense is the Bengals getting rid of Ochocinco. Head coach Marvin Lewis probably had enough of Ochocinco’s antics and, more importantly, the Bengals now have rookie wide receiver A.J. Green to replace him.

Only time will tell if Ochocinco meshes with the tamed, disciplined Patriots organization but in my opinion, Ochocinco’s tenure with the Patriots will be short lived.


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