Is Eli Manning an Elite NFL QB?

Posted: August 17, 2011 by admin54321 in Features, News

Eli Manning has been the latest NFL player to stir up conversations about him when he said in his interview that he views himself to be an elite quarterback like Brady. Is this true?

There are solid arguments to both sides of this issue. That is why I will say, while I do not view him as an elite quarterback, I do view him as a very skilled one. Yes, it is true that Eli has won a super bowl. In that respect, Eli is among the best as there is only a small group of quarterbacks who have done that. We cannot, however, rely on how Eli looks on paper. I mean, Donovan McNabb was on his way to setting a Redskins record for most passing yards in a season before he was benched. By that logic, we can say McNabb had a great season. We have to look at Eli and what he did with wins and losses.

Last season, the Giants went 10-6 and just missed the playoffs. It is the second straight season that the Giants missed the playoffs. Recently, needless to say, Eli has not been playing his best. He threw over 20 interceptions last season. The reason so many people consider Eli to be so average is because of his inconsistency. He is also compared to his older brother and overshadowed by his success. While he is partly to blame for the Giants recent lack of success, he also needs more weapons to throw too.

The reason I say “partly to blame” is because I still believe he is very talented. The reason I say this is that there are multiple teams that would jump at the chance to have Eli on their team. (Dolphins, Bills, Redskins, Bengals to name a few). He has the skill to be a quarterback that too many people don’t have. I think because of that, the Giants will do increasingly well and I do believe that a few years down the road, the Giants will win another Super Bowl.

Eli isn’t considered an elite quarterback because of his inconsistency but I think he has the raw talent to stay consistent and ultimately make the New York Giants contenders once again.

Image from Marianne O’Leary from Flickr under this license.


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