Preseason Week 2 Notes

Posted: August 22, 2011 by admin54321 in Features, News

Here are some tidbits from Preseason week 2:

The Good

  • John Beck surprised some people with a solid outing in his first start for the Redskins
  • The Patriots still look solid and ready for the regular season
  • Colt McCoy looked more than impressive against the Lions. He’s really improved since last year
  • Reggie Bush looked great in his debut with the Dolphins
  • Texans RB Ben Tate just made himself known with a stellar performance
  • Brady Quinn seems to be improved and may be the favorite for the No. 2 spot behind Kyle Orton
  • Plaxico Burress is not rusty
  • San Diego’s starters looked great
  • The Packers have great depth at the QB position

The Bad

  • The Dream Team Eagles struggled more than expected against the Steelers
  • Peyton Manning won’t play in the final 2 preseason games and Curtis Painter isn’t getting any better
  • Cam Newton struggled in his first start
  • The Raiders offense did not look good at all
  • The Bills had a couple of injuries and looked very average
  • All the rookie QBs still need work

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