Colts Fans: Time to Panic

Posted: August 24, 2011 by admin54321 in Features, News, Preseason

All Colts fans have been following Peyton Manning’s neck injury very closely hoping that he will be ready to start in the Colts’ week 1 game vs. the Texans. Today, is the biggest indication that he will not be ready.

The Colts have lured quarterback Kerry Collins out of retirement and signed him.

This makes sense as Colts president Bill Pollian has previously worked with/drafted Collins. Collins made it clear during retirement that he would not mind to continue playing but clearly he didn’t want to be on the Titans anymore. This is most likely his best opportunity to start in the NFL right now too.

So what does this mean for Peyton Manning? It means that he is not recovering from his neck surgery as fast as he should be. It means that he hasn’t worked out all offseason or in training camp. It means that at best, his first real physical playtime will be in week 1 at best. Even if Manning does start week 1, there is a good chance that he will be rusty. I believe that no matter how healthy the Colts say Manning is, Kerry Collins will certainly get some time under center.

I believe this also gives the Texans a prime opportunity to swoop in and get a fast start ahead of the Colts. This situation seems perfect for them to get their first playoff berth. If the Texans take advantage of this, the Colts could be fighting for the wildcard spot in the division when Peyton Manning comes back.

Peyton Manning is that important. When he doesn’t play, it affects the entire division.

Image from Ian Ransley Design + Illustration under this license.


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