Are the Bengals Putting Andy Dalton’s Career On the Fast Track to Failure?

Posted: August 26, 2011 by admin54321 in Features, Preseason

Andy Dalton has been struggling all through preseason and despite having a good game yesterday, it is clear that he is a rookie who is not ready to start just yet. The Bengals are lacking something essential when a rookie quarterback is on the roster – veteran leadership at the position. Dalton’s backup right now is ex-Raider Bruce Gradkowski and last time I checked, he isn’t known for his leadership. After coming out of the offseason with barely any workouts due to the lockout and now a lack of veteran presence at his position, Dalton is practically going in to the season blind and it won’t be pretty.

If the Bengals managed to find a good veteran leader to take the reins, not only would it help Andy Dalton’s progress, but it would improve the Bengals overall. Marvin Lewis thinks he has no choice but to start Dalton this season when in fact he does. If he went out and got a veteran like Marc Bulger for a season or two, the Bengals would look like a team that will be decent. Marc Bulger is a good veteran leader who can easily become a temporary starter for a team like Cincinnati. I’m not saying Bulger would take them to the playoffs but I am saying it would remove the Bengals from the discussion of who gets the 1st overall pick in the 2012 draft. Meanwhile, Dalton would be able to sit and observe which is what he so badly needs right now.

Andy Dalton is being thrust into the starter’s role when he is not ready and that is dangerous for a player at any position, especially quarterback. Dalton will struggle early on and chances are the Bengals will only be able to muster up around 5 or 6 wins at best. The season could very well result in both Marvin Lewis and Andy Dalton losing their jobs. It could also wreck the career of a rookie with a lot of potential.

The Bengals certainly know of Dalton’s potential, it’s why they drafted him. I just hope they realize the consequences of starting him too early.

Original image from Navin75 of Flickr under this license.


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