Hightower Likely to Be the Starter in Washington

Posted: August 27, 2011 by admin54321 in News, Preseason, Trades

Head Coach Mike Shanahan told the media that Hightower is likely to be the starter come Week 1 when the Redskins take on their division rivals, the Giants.

The Redskins acquired Hightower in a trade with the Arizona Cardinals on July 31st. Hightower was set to compete with Ryan Torain for the starting running back job but when Torain broke his hand before preseason, Hightower took advantage of the opportunity and separated himself from any competition. Shanahan hasn’t committed to Hightower just yet, probably to give Torain a chance. It might just be too late for Torain though, as Hightower has been stellar in his three preseason games putting up 170 yards in 25 attempts. Torain will have to put up a jaw-dropping performance to change Shanahan’s mind.

The Hightower trade, in my opinion, was the Redskins’ best acquisition this offseason. Hightower is very talented and when he was traded, he wanted to prove it to his new teammates. I never could picture the running game being too solid for Washington this year with Ryan Torain because he is just too injury-prone, but with Hightower starting, I think Torain will complement him very well. In addition, the Redskins have some rookie running backs that have shown some promise in the preseason too. The Redskins have a lot of problems going into the season, but running back isn’t one of them.

Now for that quarterback competition…

Image from Keith Allison of Flickr under this license.


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