NFL Will Not Suspend Aquib Talib and Kenny Britt

Posted: August 27, 2011 by admin54321 in News

Both Buccaneers CB Aquib Talib and Titans WR Kenny Britt met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell this week to discuss their offseason issues.

Talib was arrested in the offseason for assault with a deadly weapon. Talib has been suspended previously by the NFL for violating the personal conduct policy back in 2009. He was forced to miss the 2010 season opener.

Kenny Britt ran into a problem with law multiple times this offseason in addition to previous offenses including traffic violations and altercations at a bar. In April, Britt was arrested after a car chase with the police. He was again arrested in June for resisting arrest.

Both were expected to face some sort of disciplinary action, like a suspension, from the league to start the season but after the meeting, Goodell decided against it. Still, you can bet the two players are on a very short leash.

Image from vermillion of Flickr under this license.


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