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Today doctors declared that Peyton Manning will miss at least two months of the 2011 season, which kicks off tonight. After undergoing another neck surgery this morning in an attempt to help the regeneration process of the nerve in his neck. This surgery will sideline him for at least two months and possibly the entire year. This reminds me of the time when Tom Brady tore his ACL in the 2008 season. If your remember after his injury the AFC East was open to anyone (besides the bills.) Now with Peyton Manning out and Kerri Collins the possible starter for the rest of the year what will this mean for the AFC South? How does this fit for the Colts in the AFC South? SportCenter last night computed that if Manning is out for the entire season the chances of the Colts winning the South yet again will be 20%. Looking at the teams in the South it looks like the Texans are the new favorites in the south. Jaguars would have had a better chance if they didn’t cut former starting QB David Gerrard. If Manning can come back within the two months they might be able to lead the team in a late season rally specially since the their second meeting with the Texans is not until week 16. The south isn’t completely declared in favor of the Texans because of the Colts “next man up” Kerri Collins. He is a smart experienced QB who seems to have learned the complex offensive system almost over night. If Collins can keep the Colts head above water in the first two months of the season then let Peyton come back after the two months the Colts might be able to get a shot at winning the South. However if its Collins for the rest of the season, which is what it is looking like at this point. The Texans might finally be able to take a trip to the post season.

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