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Today doctors declared that Peyton Manning will miss at least two months of the 2011 season, which kicks off tonight. After undergoing another neck surgery this morning in an attempt to help the regeneration process of the nerve in his neck. This surgery will sideline him for at least two months and possibly the entire year. This reminds me of the time when Tom Brady tore his ACL in the 2008 season. If your remember after his injury the AFC East was open to anyone (besides the bills.) Now with Peyton Manning out and Kerri Collins the possible starter for the rest of the year what will this mean for the AFC South? How does this fit for the Colts in the AFC South? SportCenter last night computed that if Manning is out for the entire season the chances of the Colts winning the South yet again will be 20%. Looking at the teams in the South it looks like the Texans are the new favorites in the south. Jaguars would have had a better chance if they didn’t cut former starting QB David Gerrard. If Manning can come back within the two months they might be able to lead the team in a late season rally specially since the their second meeting with the Texans is not until week 16. The south isn’t completely declared in favor of the Texans because of the Colts “next man up” Kerri Collins. He is a smart experienced QB who seems to have learned the complex offensive system almost over night. If Collins can keep the Colts head above water in the first two months of the season then let Peyton come back after the two months the Colts might be able to get a shot at winning the South. However if its Collins for the rest of the season, which is what it is looking like at this point. The Texans might finally be able to take a trip to the post season.

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One of the best parts of training camp each and every offseason is to see players compete with each other to win the coveted starting job. It gets even more exciting when the competition is at the quarterback position. Let’s take a look at the current competitions in Camp.

Cincinnati Bengals – Andy Dalton vs. Bruce Gradkowski
In this situation, I think the Bengals are ready to start the Andy Dalton era. The Bengals have shown us that they are ready to improve by getting rid of wide receiver Chad Ochocinco and quickly realizing that Carson Palmer is not coming back. They have faith in their rookie quarterback that he can put the team on his shoulders. I don’t think Dalton is ready to start yet but Gradkowski is too average of QB to put in if you want to win now.
Starter: Andy Dalton

Jacksonville Jaguars – David Garrard vs. Blaine Gabbert
David Garrard has been the starter for more than a few seasons and has shown some promise over that time. Of course to be a starter in this league, you need to go farther than showing promise. Blaine Gabbert is clearly the future of this franchise. The Jaguars wouldn’t have traded up if they didn’t think so. Right now, Garrard is the better QB because Gabbert needs some grooming, especially after this shortened offseason. However, I see Gabbert coming in midseason to take over for what will be a lackluster season.
Starter: David Garrard

Denver Broncos – Kyle Orton vs. Tim Tebow
The Broncos nearly traded Orton away last week until he started practicing and showed he was the superior QB. This is a no-brainer. Kyle Orton has much more experience and has shown that he can lead this team in the past. Tebow showed he needs more time to develop. Orton may not be the long-term answer for Denver but he will be under center come week 1.
Starter: Kyle Orton

Carolina Panthers – Jimmy Clausen vs. Cam Newton
It is no question that Cam Newton is the future. The question is whether he is ready to start immediately. The answer is yes. When you go to 2-14 and finish as the worst team in the league, you need to give the players and fans something to look forward to. Putting one of the QBs who led you to any abysmal record as starter won’t do that. The best way to can re-energize  this team is to start a promising young rookie who will be the face of the franchise.
Starter: Cam Newton

Seattle Seahawks – Charlie Whitehurst vs. Tarvaris Jackson
The Seahawks have officially turned the page on the Matt Hasselbeck era, which is good. This also means they are starting a new era at quarterback, and it does not look so good. I am inclined to pick Whitehurst as the starter here because he was with the team last season and played in games last season. Yet head coach Pete Carroll came out and said he sees Jackson as the starter. This shows us that Pete Carroll thinks he has seen all he can from Whitehurst and he didn’t like what he saw either. I do think that the two will still compete despite Carroll’s vote of confidence towards Jackson either way.
Starter: Tarvaris Jackson

Washington Redskins – Rex Grossman vs. John Beck (vs. Kellen Clemens?)
I see Rex Grossman winning the job for obvious reason if the competition is strictly between him and Beck. However, if Clemens competes too, he could provide serious competition for Rex Grossman. The truth is that both Grossman and Clemens are very average. Rex forces too many passes where he shouldn’t and Clemens struggles with accuracy. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Clemens starting at some point this season for the Redskins.
Starter: Rex Grossman